Photo © Gajen Indra

Being in the UK at the moment it’s certainly easy to overlook the Antipodean wines that are so readily available back home in New Zealand. We are truly blessed here with lovely European wines – my favourites being Beaujolais from M&S and the lovely organic whites and rosés available from Riverford.

We’ve not had the chance to try any Aussie wines of late but with the arrival of a nanny who’s dad was a winemaker in The Barossa Valley we were encouraged to investigate a little further. But where to begin? The Wine Vault of course – New Zealand’s favourite digital wine retailer who also conveniently has a TV channel to tell us all about which Australian wines to try.

Quite a nice history of Aussie wines here also – including information on all the wine producing regions, as well as a fascinating write-up about the worldwide phylloxera epidemic which saw the Australian wine industry almost wiped out until its incredible resurgence in the 1970s.

It looks like Tesco is the place to go for great Australian wine if you’re in the UK. Australian wines are known for their full bodied boldness and with Australia so well known for its Shiraz that has got to be the one to start with – you’ll notice that’s the variety Tesco has the most of. And from what Jayson from The Wine Vault has to say it looks like Shiraz is indeed the one to begin with.