Boutique Hotel at Riviera Maya

photo © dMap Travel Guide

Whenever we travel to and from New Zealand we always make sure we stop over on doctor’s orders. Since we’ve had children our doctor has, frankly, insisted we absolutely must have two nights in between wherever we are going from, to where we are going to.

Unless of course where we are going to is quite close. Then we must stay a minimum of seven nights. And good advice that is too.

I remember when I first discovered the term boutique hotels and that was when the first Hip Hotels book came out in 1990 when I was working at an interiors consultancy in London. Everyone was desperate to get a copy and stay at as many as they could so they could tell their friends.

Whenever we travel we always insist on staying in top boutique hotels. That’s not the doctor’s advice although I’m sure she’d agree. For the same money as a big chain hotel we always find ourselves somewhere interesting and unique, somewhere with character, that’s a pleasure to stay in – and they are always in really interesting locales. It’s always loads of fun seeking them out online and deciding which will be the best.

Which are your top boutique hotel picks from around the world? We’d love to compile a list of readers’ favourites.