The Culinary Explorations of Mrs Cake

How did you find out about blogland and what motivated you to join in?
I’ve been blogging since 2003 – I started my first blog while overseas to keep friends and family up-to-date on my movements. A couple of years ago I was making lots of cakes and started a blog to record those – and now my cooking and baking is less cake-oriented (though there’s still plenty of that kind of thing!) and I’ve just moved to a new city I thought it would be fun to document both my own cooking/baking and the yummy things I discover as I explore my new city.

How long have you been blogging?
I only started this blog at the beginning of April so it’s definitely still in its infancy – but I’m making it a habit to post almost every day and really enjoying the challenge of finding things to write about (which is really all good since it just means I have to eat yummy stuff lots).

Please tell us a little of what your blog is about
My blog is about the adventures I have in the kitchen – like trying to replicate a complicated Masterchef dessert in cupcake form, or make a batch of cookies in my lunch hour and get them back to work before the hour is up – and about exploring the eateries of Wellington (and anywhere else I happen to be). I love reading other people’s foodie adventures, too, and am pleased to discover I’m not the only one (it can be pretty tricky to track down New Zealand based blogs, so I was thrilled to find this site!) – so I hope that others will enjoy reading about mine as well!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
My favourite thing is connecting with people – yes, I’m a comment whore – about things I enjoy (i.e. food). Though I have lots of friends who are into food I think most (if not all!) of them think I’m at least a bit crazy so it’s nice to find like-minded people on the big, wide, interwebs.

Where in NZ are you based?
I live in Wellington with my partner – but until the end of last year we lived in Christchurch so it’s all pretty new.