Hey, calling all café and shop peeps and hospitality and service artistes.
We want to hear about your amazing places of work – what do you do and love?

Do you spend your day helping people choose a great outfit? Do you while away the hours crafting cakes, arranging books… perhaps you’re a cobbler and there’s nothing you love more than re-soling a leather shoe before the rain gets in. What is it that drives you, that gives you passion to do it every day?

We’ve always known plenty of artists who work in cafés – let’s hear from you; and how about the master craftspeople, the coffee afficianados, the fanatical meisters who can smell coffee beans and know their origin.

It’s always so great visiting a shop and you can see the person helping you loves being there. I remember when Sherry ran Ruby and Sol in Williamson Ave it was her passion. She was having a great time running her vintage shop, all her friends coming in to visit, surrounded by amazing things, a nice front porch.

And how about the guys you see outside their shop at the top end of Ponsonby Road, sitting on their chairs with a bottle of red wine and their roll-ups. I’ve always wanted to go and hang with them. Or, the guys at the basement bar in St Kevin’s Arcade – man it was always brilliant going in there to get a glass of wine and watch a gig – it was their home.

Another fond memory is of Ashley Ardrey under the Regent Hotel in town (back in the days when I wore posh shoes, ha!) – the ladies in there were always so helpful. I was but a skint and glam 19 year old putting $600 pairs of shoes on lay-by. Heck I had no other bills to pay at the time. No wonder they were friendly!

So tell us about your experiences. What’s it like working in the service industry? Do you love it, or do you loathe it?
What are the highs, and the pitfalls? Any problems you’ve had, or any secret tips on workplace issues and employment solicitors we should know about? My first job was as a fish and chip lady in the BNZ tower. I was sacked because I didn’t sweep behind the door one day. I don’t think that was the real reason but I imagine that kind of thing happens all the time in the workplace, and not just young kids in their first jobs.

Email us at hello@lovelynz.co.nz – we are looking forward to hearing your great stories!